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Automatic Genset Controllers

Automatic Genset Controllers Features:
CanBus J1939 ECU communication
Parameter configuration via USB port of your notebook
Authorised access, secure communication
Translate LCD text to your language
Log last 50 events & alarm information with measured values with real time stamp
Statistics records
Generator phase sequence control
Remote Start/Stop, Speed and Idle mode control via J1939
Power factor measurement for 3 phases
4 resistive sender inputs for Level, Temperature, Oil Pressure and Spare
Selectable resistive sender types; Pt-100, VDO, US, GM, Ford, Datcon, etc...
Speed sensing from alternator voltage or magnetic pickup
3 phase load current and earth current measurement
Configurable 10 inputs and 4 outputs
ECU power, ECU stop, Stop or Fuel Solenoid selection
Maintenance warning, Red (Shutdown) and Yellow (Warning) alarm lights
Navigation and Shortcut buttons for easy use
Load Test selection
Engine Control
Compatible to Diesel or Gas generators
Auto, Manual and Test Modes
Active, Reactive and Apparent power measurement
Adjustable Start, Load and Stop timers
SPN, FMI and OC values reading from engines via J1939
Programmable weekly working permit calendar
Datasheet on Genset Controllers ► Automatic Genset Controllers


Engine temperature
Oil Pressure
Fuel level
Over/Under voltage
Over/Under frequency
Over/Under speed
Fuel and Stop solenoid
ECU power and stop
Starter motor
Automatic generator start
External alarm horn
Engine cooling
Idle mode
Warning & Electrical Trip
Earth fault
Over current
Short circuit
Generator breaker not opened
Generator breaker not closed
Fail Monitoring
Emergency stop
Multiple engage fail
Failed to start
Low oil pressure
High temperature
Speed failure
Charging fail
Over/Under speed
Speed loss
Earth fault
Fuel level
Battery low
Battery high
Over current
Short circuit
Engine stop
Charge alternator


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