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UFR1001E-300 power supplies Compliant in all measured values: 2 levels of  u/o V, Hz
  and compliant ROCOF measuring method as per Feb. 2018 changes
power supplies Pre-programmed values for G59/3 and G82/2 Standards values
power supplies Very simple vertical menu interface
power supplies Individual digital output for each Loss of Mains event
power supplies
100 Last events recorded and stored
power supplies Voltage recorded every 10 minutes
power supplies Wire seal to prevent tampering
power supplies Universal Power supply
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EFR3000 and EFR4000IP - Optimise your local generation and save energy cost from the grid
power supplies Import/Export control and limit setting
power supplies Analogue Output for power(kW)
power supplies Optimising the use of locally produced Energy
power supplies
LCD display to display all parameters locally
power supplies MODbus RTU for integration into BMS system
power supplies Remote monitoring via IP connection on EFR4000IP version
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Adel battery chargers power supplies Regulated output voltage 12V up to 35A DC
power supplies Regulated output voltage 24V up to 20A DC
power supplies Input 115-230 V AC 50/60Hz
power supplies Common Alarm Output for 7 common battery faults and
  charge cycle success
power supplies Selectable battery type for correct charge voltage per cell
power supplies Trickle, Boast and Recover charge automatically determined
power supplies
MODBus & CANbus available on various models
power supplies Can be used with 4 standard battery types: Open Lead
  acid 2.33V/cell, Sealed lead acid 2.25 V/cell, Sealed lead acid 2.27 V/cell and Gel 2.3 V/cell
power supplies Ni/Cd and Li-ion factory option
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