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NG-9 Network Analyser - 9 measured lines in a single device

ng-9 network analyser


The world smallest analyser featuring 9 channels within 9 cm, reducing installing time and costs by a third and multipling performances by 3.
Flexibility: The special probe with range from 1 to 2000 A offers the most versatile solution available on the market
Accuracy: 0.5 class instrument which guarantees accuracy on the whole measurement system
Measurements: 160 electric par ameters displayed on LCD and on your own device via Modbus RTU
Versatility: High suitability thanks to the combination of split current transformer and/or Rogowski coil for single-phase, three-phase or
  shuffled mode
Simplicity: The time and costs are reduced by 85%, no shutdowns - plug connect CTs
Remote Monitoring: Via existing BMS, LAN, GPRS or USB
No plant shutdowns
Modbus RTU communication speed 3 times faster than other analyzers: 115200 baud rate
Possibility of using all range of Rogowski Coils or Split Current Sensors on each instrument on either single, three or mixed phase mode
Easily fits in pre-existing panels
Connection to 1 voltage system instead of 3
Extensions allow up to 10 m distance from the device
Reduced installation errors to allow a simple and correct start up
Each current sensor can be connected to the device with a one-way electrical connector without using additional cables, wire cutters
  and screwdrivers
Power consumption 12 times less than any other device on the market.
NG software set up that permits simple and fast programming
NG-9 has many different fields of application: office buildings, wharehouses, retail centres, small and large factories. It is particularly
  suitable for data centres’ energy cost distribution
ng-9 ng-9 ng-9


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Sensors Available

RG2K Flexy – Rogowski sensor
RG2K Flexy – Rogowski sensor
  • Openable and flexible sensor
  • Standard diameter: 100mm
  • Selectable ranges: 100, 200, 400, 1000, 2000A
  • On request: from 200 to 850 mm diameter
  • Selectable range: up to 8000 A
  • Output Cable: 5 m, shielded
  • Accuracy: Class 0,5
  • Single and three-phase measurement (3 probes)
  • Removable terminal
CC24 Sensor – Standard size current clamp
CC24 Sensor – Standard size current clamp
  • Dimension (LxHxW) 44,5 x 65 x 33,5 mm
  • Cable window: 24 mm
  • Output Cable: 2 m
  • Single and three-phase measurement (from 1 to 3 transformers)
  • Selectable range: 20, 40, 80, 200A
CC16 Sensor – Miniature size current clamp
CC16 Sensor – Miniature size current clamp
  • Dimension (LxHxW) 30 x 43,5 x 30 mm
  • Cable window: 16 mm
  • Output Cable: 2 m
  • Single and three-phase measurement (from 1 to 3 transformers)
  • Selectable range: 10, 20, 40, 100A
CC06 Sensor – Mini-current clamp
CC06 Sensor – Mini-current clamp
  • Dimension (LxHxW) 16 x 32 x 26,4 mm
  • Cable window: 6 mm
  • Output Cable: 2m
  • Single and three-phase measurement (from 1 to 3 transformers)
  • Selectable range: 1, 2, 5, 10A
























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