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The DPY351 is a robust and versatile multifunction display that allows monitoring, configuring and managing the ADELSystem devices connected in an ADELBus network. 

  • It is equipped with a high-brightness and wide viewing-angle 3.5’’ TFT screen  which gives an optimum visibility in operating condition

  • Intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or dashboard clear

  • Ethernet interface inside, allows to configure and manage true ADELBus the connected devices  through its,  by using the SNMP and Modbus TCP protocols 

  • It is possible to connect several devices in chain together, up to 50

It is possible the monitoring of input and output data, peak current, peak voltage, all the battery parameters such as temperature, state of charge, internal Impendency.

With the DPY351, it is possible to modify the parameters of any Adel System device connected: DC- Ups, Power Supply and Battery Charger
Alarms management 
All the alarms present on any connected device are immediately displayed
The history parameters are recorded inside each device. The DPY351 allows interogation of all the historical parameters of any single connected device
The device records, stores and can display the last 20 alarm events of system changes
It is possible configure and drive the device by own server
Actions that are coordinated among connected devices can be programmed, thus automating the system


So many way to use and apply it

DPY351 DPY351 DPY351
Monitor and Control

To monitor all the parameters of installed devices in the panel

Essential to transfer all parameters remotely via Ethernet connection
All in One

It includes 2 Input, 1 Output and a temperature sensor that allows sensor management in small environments.
All in one: Display, Hub, PLC


The Core of the system


The heart of the DPY351 is its clear dispay which allows the simple presentation and communication of data from the Battery Chargers or DC UPS systems. The display can be configured to operate as a stand alone device or as a gateway throught which a BMS monitoring system can communicate and monitor the values. The system can be accessed remotely using the ADELview software package if a BMS or remote package is not installed. The design of the display is such that it can be mounted in a DIN96mm cut out, 92 x 92mm via the 4 screw mounts. The barrel is a circular cutout of 90mm. The DPY351 is IP67 when correctly mounted to the panel.


Display parameters as you prefer

DPY351 DPY351 DPY351
Display Configuration Display Configuration “Homepage” Customise Dashboard


Customise “Six Values”


Customise “Two Values”


Customise “Single Value"


DPY351 DPY351
Add new device Notification Alarm



Gateway and Protocol

  • Web Server HTTP for Configuration and Driver the device by Ethernet; static or Dynamic IP

  • Modbus TCP/IP Configuration TCP/IP Configuration group of parameter default values. They allow unique identification of the unit in the network.

  • SNMP v2c An ADELsystem MIB table is provided which consists of a list of parameters of the connected power device that can be remotely read, or read-written through the SNMP. Each parameter, (OID), is mapped one-to-one to a Modbus RTU holding register.

  • MQTTMQTT communication allows the DPY351 to connect to the ADELView System Cloud for the remote monitoring of the power devices connected to the DPY using Modbus or CANbus 


Connection & Control


DPY351 was developed to connect to all the communication enabled devices developed by ADELSystem. Through ADELBus (CANBus and ModBus) it is possible to establish the connection of configuration, reading, evolution of the device data. Through the DPY351 it is possible to create Events, they are the result of an algorithm established by the DPY351 among the various interconnected devices.


Interactive functions


The DPY351 allows the user to view, control, integrate PLC functions and transmit all system functions via Ethernet.

The dispaly is a poweful compact, user frendly, high performance user interface which will add a dimension of control and planning to most installations.





DATASHEET MANUAL Ethernet Configuration Mechanical Drawing SNMP Protocol


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