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Power Supplies for Mains Connection - dflex & flEX SERIES

The Adel system offers a truly complete range of industrial power supply units for different applications. The wide range of input voltagesenables them to operate in any part of the world. The range isavailable with UL and CSA type-approved, with design based on experience gained over the years on more than 240 models.

Flex series Power Supply Units for Mains Connection
The FLEX units are designed to provide 1, 2 and 3-phase solutions. They are characterised by their remarkable flexibility of use that allows them to satisfy the most varied applications and requirements, according to the existing norms. They are DIN Rail mountable, simple and safe and offer IP20 protection. The FLEX range of products is characterised from 1, 2 and 3-phase input up to 700W with current rating ranging to 25A and a power flexibility that reach the 50% of the rated current In. The declared ambient temperature operations field start from 40 to 60°C. Three short-circuit over load protections, (Hiccup Mode, Fold Back and Restart after Main), the extremely small sizes of the units and the appliance to the EN 60204-1 Safety of Electrical Equipment Machines change the way to supply power to the control panel. Besides the 1-phase 115-230Vac units we offer the 2-phase 230-500Vac units, which allows to use and store only one product.

Main Features
3 protective functions: Hiccup Mode, Fold Back, Restart after Main
Declared ambient temperature operations field: 40,50 e 60°C (suitable for any type of applications)
Only one product for 230-400-500 Vac
Standards Conformity: EN 60204-1 and EN/IEC 60529 (IP20 protection class)
DIN Rail Mounting
Extremely small size
Output Voltage: 5; 12; 24; 48 Vdc
Output Direct Current:  1-phase: 2 – 2,5 –5 - 7,5 – 9 -14,5 –25A  - 2-phase: 5 –7,5 –14,5A  - 3-phase: 25A







DFLEX Power Supply Input 100-240Vac / Output 24Vdc Data Sheet Drawings
DFX1524A 100-240Vac 0.5A power supply  
DFX4524A 100-240Vac 1.75A power supply  
DFX6024A 100-240Vac 3A power supply  
FLEX 1 Phase Input 115 - 230Vac / Output 5Vdc
FLEX6005A 115-230Vac 5A power supply power supply
FLEX 1 Phase Input 115 - 230Vac / Output 12Vdc
FLEX6012A 115-230Vac 6A power supply power supply
FLEX17012A 115-230Vac 14A power supply power supply
FLEX28012A 115-230Vac 20A power supply power supply
FLEX 1 Phase Input 115 - 230Vac / Output 48Vdc
FLEX17048A 115-230Vac 3.75A power supply power supply
FLEX28048A 115-230Vac 7A power supply power supply
FLEX50048A 115-230Vac 12A power supply power supply
FLEX 1 Phase Input 115 - 230Vac / Output 24Vdc
FLEX6024A 115-230Vac 2A(115) - 3A(230) power supply power supply
FLEX9024A 115-230Vac 5A power supply power supply
FLEX17024A 115-230Vac 7,5A power supply power supply
FLEX28024A 115-230Vac 14/A power supply power supply
FLEX50024A 115-230Vac 25/A power supply power supply
FLEX 2 Phase Input 230 – 400 - 500Vac / Output 24Vdc
FLEX9024B 230 – 400 - 500Vac 5A power supply power supply
FLEX17024B 230 – 400 - 500Vac 7,5A power supply power supply
FLEX28024B 230 – 400 - 500Vac 14/A power supply power supply
FLEX 3 Phase Input 400 - 500Vac / Output 24Vdc
FLEX50024B 400 - 500Vac 25/A power supply power supply
Redundancy Decoupling Module
MR220 10-60V DC 12, 24, 48V DC up to 25A Power supplies Adel power supplies Adel

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