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Battery Chargers - CB Range

The Adel Systems CB battery chargers are a range of microprocessors controlled chargers. Based on switch-mode technology, they produce an output voltage stabilised at a preset value, even when not charging the battery.

Adel battery chargers

These battery chargers have three charging levels- recovery, boost and trickle charge. All the chargers have a relay output for a range of battery bank protection functions: Replace battery or Flat battery; Fault in the main; that is High voltage at the battery ends; Open or sulphated battery; Reverse Polarity, Short-Circuited element and Wrong Battery Voltage.

The intelligent battery chargers control and maintain batteries charge state ensuring optimum recharging over time. Once the batteries have been charged in accordance with the multi-stage principle, using, recovery, boost and then trickle charge, the CB battery chargers check battery every 110 minutes. The status of the battery is monitored so it only receives the current required., this prevents damage to the battery and prevents the battery being permanently under charge. All of the modes are controlled by the CB charger and there is no requirement for an external input signal or timers.

The majority of the ADEL SYSTEM battery chargers are housed in an aluminium case and are designed for DIN rail mounting. Two version are available in plastic cases. They are manufactured in Italy.

Main features
Output voltage 12, 24, 36, 48Vdc
Output current 3A ÷ 20A
Battery type selected by jumper position, Ni/Cd option available
Constant voltage and current re-charge
Recovery, Boost and Trickle charge controlled by microprocessor
Relay output for diagnostic functions contact signals as "Replace battery"; "Flat battery"; "Fault in the main"; that is: "High voltage at the battery ends"; "Open or sulphated battery"; "Inverted battery connections"; "Possible short-circuited element"
Protection against short-circuit, overload, over voltage,, reverse battery
Compact size
Ambient temperature operation field: -25 -0-70 Degrees C
CB12245A and CB1235A CUL/UL approved
For details on Battery Modules Battery Modules

Single Phase   12/24V DC  
CB12245A 115-230-277 Vac 12V DC - 6A - 72W
24V DC - 5A - 120W
Battery Chargers
CB122410A 115-230-277 Vac 12V DC - 15A - 180W
24V DC - 10A - 240W
Battery Chargers
Single Phase   12V DC
CB123A 115-230-277 Vac 12V DC - 3A - 36W Battery Chargers
CB6012A 115-230-277 Vac 12V DC - 3A - 36W Battery Chargers
CB1210A 115-230-277 Vac 12V DC - 10A - 120W Battery Chargers
CB1235A 115-230-277 Vac 12V DC - 35A - 420W Battery Chargers
Single Phase   24V DC
CB243A 115-230-277 Vac 24V DC - 3A - 72W Battery Chargers
CB6024A 115-230-277 Vac 24V DC - 3A - 72W Battery Chargers
CB2410AC 115-230-277 Vac 24V DC - 10A - 240W Battery Chargers
CB2420A 115-230-277 Vac 24V DC - 20A -480W Battery Chargers
Single Phase   12V DC
CB123A/48 48V DC 12V DC - 3A - 36W Battery Chargers
Single Phase   30V DC
CB304A 115-230-277 Vac 30V DC - 3A -110W Battery Chargers
Single Phase   36V DC
CB363A 115-230-277 Vac 36V DC - 3A - 110W Battery Chargers


Battery Chargers Catalogue


Models CB123ALC, CB126A, CB243ALC, CB245A are being discontinued - Should you require one of these models, please contact us, a small stock might still be available.

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