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Filter Fans T-FAN

ATV Series High performances, quick installation, easy maintenance filter fans

The ATV series of filter fans are manufactured in Italy. They are designed for speed of installation and ease of use. The fans are available in AC and DC auxiliary with reversible fan motors to allow for an intake or outlet function with the same model. Options are available as IP55, UV resistant material and cruus approved models for use in the North American market. The modern design has a minimal external projection. All moulded parts are made of highly resistant and self-extinguishing ABS. The fans and filter units are snap mounting with inbuilt screw mounting should you require it.

Easy maintenance, thanks to front accessible grill, allows for the replacement of a soiled filter mat without tools and quickly. The special configuration of the grill, the foam seal gasket and the filter mat ensure an IP54 protection degree towards the enclosure. IP55 versions are available and a greater IP rating is achieved by using the CUFF series of external inlet covers. All models carry the CE/UKCA mark.


rever air flow - ATV fans

mat replacement




Filter Fans

IP54 ATV1000 ATV1100 ATV1101 ATV1112 ATV1124
Type12 cruusFile n. E301228 ATV1000U ATV1100U ATV1101U ATV1112U ATV1124U
IP54 UV Resistant ATV1000V ATV1100V ATV1101V ATV1112V ATV1124V
Air Flow - 26 m3/h
Power Supply - 230V-50/60Hz 115V-50/60Hz 12VDC 24VDC
Size Hx W x D 114 x 114 x 27 mm 114 x 114 x 73 mm 114 x 114 x 60 mm


IP54 ATV2000 ATV2200 ATV2201 ATV2224 ATV2248
Type12 cruusFile n. E301228 ATV2000U ATV2200U ATV2201U ATV2224U ATV2248U
IP55 ATV200055 ATV220055 ATV220155 ATV222455 ATV224855
IP55 UV Resistant ATV2000V ATV2200V ATV2201V ATV2224V ATV2248V
Air Flow - 58 m3/h
Power Supply - 230V-50/60Hz 115V-50/60Hz 24VDC 48VDC
Size HxWxD 150 x 150 x 37 mm 150 x 150 x 86mm


IP54 ATV3000 ATV3200 ATV3201 ATV3224 ATV3248
Type12 cruus File n. E301228 ATV3000 ATV3200U ATV3201U ATV3224U ATV3248U
IP55 ATV3000 ATV320055 ATV320155 ATV322455 ATV324855
IP55 UV Resistant ATV3000 ATV3200V ATV3201V ATV3224V ATV3248V
Air Flow - 115 m3/h
Power Supply - 230V-50/60Hz 115V-50/60Hz 24VDC 48VDC
Size HxWxD 204 x 204 x 37 mm 204 x 204 x 104 mm


IP54 ATV4000 ATV4200 ATV4201 ATV4224 ATV4248
Type12 cruus File n. E301228 ATV4000U ATV4200U ATV4201U ATV4224U ATV4248U
IP55 ATV400055 ATV4200UU ATV420155 ATV422455 ATV424855
IP55 UV Resistant ATV4000V ATV4200V ATV4201V ATV4224V ATV4248V
Air Flow - 125 m3/h
Power Supply - 230V-50/60Hz 115V-50/60Hz 24VDC 48VDC
Size H x W x D 250 x 250 x 38 mm 250 x 250 x 107 mm

ATV43 - ATV 44




IP54 ATV4000 ATV4300 ATV4301 ATV4324 ATV4348 ATV4400 ATV4401 ATV4440
Type12 cruus
File n. E301228
ATV4000U ATV4300U ATV4301U ATV4324U ATV4348U ATV4000UPR ATV4001UPR -
IP55 ATV400055 ATV430055 ATV430155 ATV432455 ATV434855 ATV400055PR ATV400155PR ATV444055PR
IP55 UV Res. ATV4000V ATV4300V ATV4301V ATV4324V ATV4348V ATV4000VPR ATV4001VPR ATV4440VPR
Air Flow - 255 m3/h 410 m3/h
Power Supply - 230V-50/60Hz 115V-50/60Hz 24VDC 48VDC 230V-50/60Hz 115V-50/60Hz 400V-50/60Hz
Size H x W x D 250x250x38mm 250 x 250 x 128 mm 250 x 250 x 136 mm

ATV54 - ATV 55



Filter Fans

IP54 ATV5000 ATV5400 ATV5401 ATV5440 ATV5500 ATV5501
Type12 cruus
File n. E301228
ATV5000U ATV5400U ATV5401U ATV5440U ATV5500U ATV5501U
IP55 ATV500055 ATV540055 ATV540155 ATV544055 ATV550055 ATV550155
IP55 UV Resistant ATV5000V ATV5400V ATV5401V ATV5440V ATV5500V ATV5501V
Air Flow - 550 m3/h 700 m3/h
Power Supply - 230V-50/60Hz 115V-50/60Hz 400V-50/60Hz 230V-50/60Hz 115V-50/60Hz
Size H x W x D 325 x 325 x 42 mm 325 x 325 x 140 mm 325 x 325 x 155 mm
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