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Battery Modules - Small VRLA

The second generation of ultra-compact Battery Holders, for VRLA and LI-Ion Batteries. The product can be DIN rail mounted or backboard mounted in all sizes, except the 12Ah variant which is only suitable for backboard mounting. The steel enclosure offers high battery protection, a minimum encumbrance on the DIN Rail. The Small VRLA are paired with the Adel CBI series of DCUPS for constant monitoring of the battery status and security of the DC load provision. Available in 24V only.

A VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid battery), more commonly known as a sealed battery (SLA) or maintenance free battery, is a type of lead-acid rechargeable battery

  • Maintenance free lead AGM, VRLA Technology
  • Output: 24Vdc 1.2, 3, 7.2, 12Ah
  • Protection: Fuse
  • Connection with screws
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • IP20
  • Wall Mount with screws
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Small Size on the panel
small VRLAs
Small VRLA Enclosure with Batteries 24Vdc
BAT1.2 VRLA 1.2 Ah 24 Vdc BAT1.2 VRLA
BAT3.4 VRLA 3 Ah 24 Vdc BAT3.4 VRLA
BAT7.2 VRLA 7 Ah 24 Vdc BAT7.2 VRLA
BAT12 VRLA 12 Ah 24 Vdc BAT12 VRLA
Small VRLA Enclosure without Batteries 24Vdc
BTH1.2VRLA 1.2Ah 24Vdc BTH1.2VRLA
BTH3.4VRLA 3.4Ah 24Vdc BTH3.4VRLA
BTH7.2VRLA 7.2Ah 24Vdc BTH7.2VRLA



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