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Multifunction network analyser with 3 Rogowski coils + THD - Model QU96 R3H

Multifunction network analyser with 3 Rogowski coils Multifunction network analyser with 3 Rogowski coils

The QUBOH, DIN96mm, multifunction network analyser is supplied with 3 Rogowski coils, the analyser input does not require external integrators. It is suitable for use in 3-phase three-wires or four-wires systems, even with unbalanced loads and distorted waveforms. It allows you to read all the main measurements, including power and energy, import and export. The connection is simplified with RJ45 connectors. All the cables, 3m long, and connectors are shielded. The RJ45 connector is in a metal housing. The system is suitable for retrofitting in existing installations and for laboratory use but also an excellent solution for monitoring electrical networks in all installations.

The QUBO96H Rogowski coil kit offers the end user a true cl.2 accurcy measurment. The 3 coil sizes offer the ability to measure from 100A to 6300A with a resolution of 1mA. The kits are calibrated in the factory taking into acount phase angle error and the overall accuracy of the full measuring span, 10-120% of the primary current. The range is available with RS485 MODbus RTU as standard and options for Profibus DP VO, IEC61850, Ethernet connectivity with memory or Ethernet connectivity with memory and gateway function. An optional Alarm/pulse output can also be added to the series.

Like all QUBO96H and the NANOH family, they are availabe with the option for connection the MU5202 or 04 analogue output modules. All Frer modbus enabled devices can be integrated into the Frerlogger energy monitoring software package with ease, for a cost effective user owned energy monitoring system.

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Multifunction network analyser with 3 Rogowski coils



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