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Residual Direct Current monitoring module (RDC-M - Module)

XTDB019 is a residual direct current monitoring module (RDC-M-module) which, electrically coupled to a protection unit or switching unit, performs the function of the residual direct current monitoring device (RDC-MD), in full compliance with the requirements of IEC 62955. As an option, the module can also integrate residual alternate current monitoring, in compliance with the threshold and timing requirements for RDC-PD devices.
The module is suitable for use in AC charging stations permanently connected to the mains (mode 3 according to IEC 61851-1), where is prescribed the presence of a residual direct current detecting device (RDC-DD) with 6mAdc trip threshold.
The XTDB019 features a wide cable passage (19 mm) and is available with optional UART communication.

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Residual Direct Current monitoring module (RDC-M - Module)

In alternating current charging stations permanently connected to the electricity grid (mode 3 according to the IEC 61851-1) the presence of a differential direct current detection device (RDC-DD) is required. This device must be able to interrupt the power supply to the electric vehicle (EV) in the event that this current is equal or higher than 6mA. This monitoring device has to be made according to the IEC 62955 Standards and it is intended to guarantee the correct operation of the Type A or Type F differential protections installed upstream of the charging station. The differential protections could otherwise be” blinded” by the presence of an excessive direct current component. FRER has been a market leader in the field of differential protection for many years either for those devices sensitive to alternating current (Type A and Type F) or for those ones sensitive to direct current (Type B). Thanks to this experience FRER has developed a Residual Direct Current Monitoring module (RDC-M). This module when it is electrically coupled to a differential protection device (residual current circuit breaker) or to a breaking device (contactors) realises the functionality of the Residual Direct Current Monitoring Device (RDC-MD) in full compliance with IEC62955 Standards.

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