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Ethernet Remote Monitoring from Frer

Ethernet Interface with MODbus TCP and Web Server

The FRER LAN gateway is the new communication interface that allows you to connect to an Ethernet network (using a single IP address) up to 32 FRER devices fitted with RS485 interface

ethernet remote monitoring from frer

It can be used with any FRER MODbus enabled devices which do not have their own built-in Ethernet interface. The can also be retrofitted if the remote monitoring format changes from GPRS to Ethernet. Other MODbus RTU enabled devices can also be connected to the system.
Ethernet Remote Monitoring from Frer
There is no data charge or set up charge with the Frer package.
Data can be downloaded as a CSV file and is available in table or graphical format online.
Users define what values and when they should be monitored. Start stop and time periods are totally flexible.
The data can be accessed from any internet enabled device.
The FRER LAN gateway provides the user with two possible operating modes
  • Conversion from MODBus / TCP MODBus RTU
  • Built-in WEB SERVER

Please follow the steps below for an online realtime demonstration of the package:

  1. Dial in any browser the IP address
  2. Login: Frer (with capital F)
  3. Password: 2730
DATASHEET Ethernet Remote Monitoring from Frer    


Ethernet Interface with IEC61850 Substation Protocol

The new International Standards IEC61850 defines a communication protocol oriented to the supervision, control and protection for the generation systems, transmission and distribution of electricity.
These are some of the main characteristics:
Just one protocol for all system levels, from the field level to the supervision level.
A high standardization and an accurate and clear definition of the functions and of the services involved.
The use of the Ethernet network  as transmission medium, while still maintaining the ability to evolve towards other means.
For further information on the Frer devices working on IEC61850 Ethernet Interface with IEC61850 Substation Protocol




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